Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Okay, I hope I did this right. Seven is good which I guess takes me to my first of the Seven weird or random things about me. . . . . . .
1) My Birthday is 7/7/79
2) I was told by a fortune reader that I was going to have 7 babies. Although I am done, I read Jimmys tarot and it too said one more baby. Coinsidence?
3) Jimmy and I have survived the 7 year itch. With flying colors. Still like him!! Very much, maybe that is where the baby come from. Lol!!
Okay I am done with the seven thing.
4) I found my cat! This is good because I thought she was dead. I hate to say it like that. But she was missing for 2 days in the rain and she is 16. I so thought she crawled off to die, but nope she is still kicking.
5) I have lived in a few differnt places, California, Utah, Las Vegas, California, Arizona, Utah. And when I was little I got to fly from place to place to see my parents. I always loved to fly.
6) I love to travel and one day I am going to travel the world. Really. I am not going to miss a spot. I am going to travel to rainforests, dry lands, wet lands, swamp lands. Who wants to go with me and Jimmy?
7) Okay, this is the last one and quiet frankly I am tired of talking about me. Can we talk about something else now?
Hey you all I am tagging you so again, TAGGGG YOU ARE IT!!!!!!!!!


Cher said...

You should have done this yesterday for another 7!

Cher said...

and whats ONE more baby! You are a pro at it. Go ahead you can do it! "Lucky # Seven" and you can even name the baby Seven!