Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Okay, I hope I did this right. Seven is good which I guess takes me to my first of the Seven weird or random things about me. . . . . . .
1) My Birthday is 7/7/79
2) I was told by a fortune reader that I was going to have 7 babies. Although I am done, I read Jimmys tarot and it too said one more baby. Coinsidence?
3) Jimmy and I have survived the 7 year itch. With flying colors. Still like him!! Very much, maybe that is where the baby come from. Lol!!
Okay I am done with the seven thing.
4) I found my cat! This is good because I thought she was dead. I hate to say it like that. But she was missing for 2 days in the rain and she is 16. I so thought she crawled off to die, but nope she is still kicking.
5) I have lived in a few differnt places, California, Utah, Las Vegas, California, Arizona, Utah. And when I was little I got to fly from place to place to see my parents. I always loved to fly.
6) I love to travel and one day I am going to travel the world. Really. I am not going to miss a spot. I am going to travel to rainforests, dry lands, wet lands, swamp lands. Who wants to go with me and Jimmy?
7) Okay, this is the last one and quiet frankly I am tired of talking about me. Can we talk about something else now?
Hey you all I am tagging you so again, TAGGGG YOU ARE IT!!!!!!!!!

Forth in Forth

Okay So I was tagged to give you my forth picture in my picture file. Well This is the fourth picture in my fourth file. I have alot of pictures. I have like 10 files. So this is Christmas last year and in it is Breanna, Alayna, and Abby(in the car seat). We had so much fun, but we always do! So now I tag all of you others whom did not tag me. Did that all make sence, Anyway. . . . . . . .

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

They all fit!!

I love this picture. I couldn't believe it when Jimmy sent it to me, and he got them all to fit on his cell phone, and it is cute. From bottom, Alyana, Emily, Lily, Abby, Joey, and Breanna.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now that I have taken up the whole page on my kids, Lol, I just wanted to show you all some of our treasure hunting photo's.

These are the kind of pictures I get when we are treasure hunting. Some of them turn out way awesome. We also ghost hunt I will add some of the interesting ones for that too. Yes I am a nerd. I will admit openly. LOL!!!

This was at a spot at saltair by the lake. It was kinda scary to get these photo because there was a trail of blood leading to this old train. So we took some pics and ran!! They turned out really good.

This is an old town that is in west Wendover. It is called gold hill. It is not a ghost town yet, 5 people still live here. Lol!! This was there main grocery store. It is where they had a big gold rush in the forties. It really is a cute little town

This is just some old machinery.

And lots of old cars are around. We are always seeing shot up cars. Some of them are cool. Others are sad.

I love this picture. No reason really. This too was shot at gold hill. There are alot of things out there that nobody bothers with. You find things like this all of the time. Hopefully I am not boring you all. I just want to show off my pictures. The nerd in me, again, sorry.
Well now that I know what I am doing I will post more offten. I am going to go for now cause I have been sitting here atleast two hrs now and my kids are done. Love you all and I will keep blogging. I will show you more pic's later and I will find some good ones of Joey, Breezy, and Lily.

This is my Lily! This picture is a little out dated. She is older now. This was at Christmas time. She still looks the same, just a little more hair.
She is a doll. Lily too, is a lover. Loves to snuggle and hug. Her favorite right now is to snuggle in the chair with mom, dad or Alyssa and watch tv.
She is starting to do sentences and stories and some of the stuff she comes up with is halarious. We really need to watch what we say around her, she like a freakin parot.
She was telling me the other day that daddy is at wook and wissa is a wussy, and love mommy. It is so cute. Alyssa my cousin lives with us and she is our nanny, for those who don't know that, and the kids love her, so Lily was harrasing her. It makes me laugh.

Here is "the boy", Joseph James. He is too all boy!! He is the only one. In all of those sisters he does really well. If one of them is missing he goes into big brother mode and goes nuts until they get home. It really is kinda cute. Atleast I know the girls will have a protector when they are older. He does have those moments where the girls are totaly bugging him, but mostly he is really good with them.

Joey loves to skate board. He love Tony Hawk. That is his hero right now, well aside from mom and dad. Atleast that is what we like to think. He is an awsome kid. He is considerate of others around him. He gets good grades, well they all get good grades. Joey was a little slow at first, but his teachers are great and they got him the help he needed right off of the bat and he does amazing now.

All boy- He has been stapled, stitched, broken and bruised. Lol!!!

This is my oldest child. Breanna Vontella. I wish I had a better picture of Breezy, that is what we call her, although she is still beautiful.

Last August she ran through our sliding glass door and she got about 50 stitches in her face, and 30 stitches in other various places. And to this day all she has is a little redness under her eye. She recovered really well. She is still the most beautiful breanna I know .

Breanna has these killer blue eyes. What ever color of blue she wears, that is what color blue her eyes are. It's awesome.

Breanna likes to do boy stuff. She is like her mother. She likes to hike and bike and ride skateboards. And dresses? forget that!!.